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Have you ever regretted not being able to live a different life than yours? Do you sometimes feel that, first, time flies too fast and, secondly, your days are hopelessly monotonous? If it happens to you, and it certainly does sometimes, it means it’s high time you tried to escape this flatness and go on an interesting trip in order to inject some “colors” in your own life. While there are so many beautiful places to discover, so many exciting routes to take, so many ways to live fascinating experiences, to explore wonderful cultures and meet amazing and less amazing people, why be content to stay at home? Try to sustain that real and unique pleasure to constantly learn new things. We can somehow afford a surplus of history through the heritage of others, a surplus of pleasure thanks to the beauty of others. It is just a priceless luxury… More on

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When you start planning a trip, you are often surprised to know that you know as little about the chosen destination. Although some images are stuck in our heads as well as some geopolitical concepts which are a little vague but, usually, we still can point the country on the map, it is never enough to conceal our relative ignorance. We often still have too much to learn. We must of course learn more about our destination but at the same time have in mind that we’re going to read is nowhere near what we can see and discover when on site when it comes to cultures, habits, people and heritage. That’s exactly what cultural trips are for; each one is a remarkable school whose teaching always ends up leaving traces. To guarantee the right accomodation for you in any of your favorite destinations around the world, you can visit some particular websites like this one specialized in holiday rentals in Ile-de-Ré.