The lakes of northern Italy: a Mediterranean touch on high mountain background

Published on : 04 February 20192 min reading time

Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda – only the sound names of lakes in northern Italy make the hearts of romantics and nature lovers beat faster. From deep blue to turquoise to bottle green, the palette of crystalline waters extends. In the background, the snowy peaks of the Alps shine, while in a café at the lake, you can enjoy a cappuccino under almond and lemon trees. The Dolce Vita as a picture book. Enjoy the spectacular natural scenery of Northern Italy’s lakes on a rental car trip. Lake Maggiore – holiday idyll between Italy and Switzerland

Lake Maggiore, with its many islands, is about 66 kilometers long and one of the largest lakes in northern Italy. South of the Alps, you will be greeted by a mild Mediterranean climate and a breathtaking alpine landscape. Laggo Maggiore is located in the border area between Switzerland and Italy. The walks in the Italian cities of Verbania and Cannobio and in the Swiss city of Ascona invite you to stroll among the orange trees and palm trees. Cruise ships pass between scattered islets, whose Isola Bella with Palazzo Borromeo is one of the most beautiful. Many small bays that can be driven with the car and enjoy a bath in warm water up to 22 degrees.

Lake Como – movie set and surfers’ paradise

Picturesque villages and luxurious properties with magnificent villas dominate the image on the shores of Lake Como, in northern Italy. In the mild climate grows lush Mediterranean vegetation. The windsurfers enjoy the light wind that constantly blows and frolic with their colorful sails in summer on the immense surface of the water. The main town on the lake is the city of Como with its legendary cogwheel railway, which started its activities in 1894. Company with your car hire a trip to the city of Menaggio on the west bank of Lake Como Como and enjoy the beautiful view of the water from Piazza Garibaldi. The charming lakeside lake has often served as a film set for a Hollywood hit production and celebrities from the world of film and show business have a vacation home on the lake shore.

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