Holiday rentals in Ile-de-Ré for surf enthusiast


Tucked away on the Atlantic coast, Ile-de-Ré is accessible by a bridge linking it with La Rochelle. This Charente-Maritime island has a lot to offer, from sandy beaches, marinas, forests, salt marshes to various holiday activities. Go surfing in the spectacular beaches of Ile-de-Ré but first you must choose the best holiday accommodation for your stay.

Access to Ile-de- Ré

To come to the island of Ré, one can choose between several types of transport. If you opt for a bus, no reservation is necessary when traveling from La Rochelle train station towards one of the island’s villages. For boat lovers, three marinas are available; they are located in Ars, La Flotte and St. Martin, not to mention the Inter Island cruise during which you’ll take part in a brief crossing from La Rochelle to Ile-de-Ré and Saint-Martin-de-Ré. By train, the Paris-La Rochelle journey offers daily links to Nantes, Bordeaux and Paris-Montparnasse. Taxis, passenger transport, car rental and car sharing are possible solutions to get to Ile-de-Ré. Discover the island and its various spots and sceneries back requires booking the appropriate holiday rental.

Types of accommodation rentals in Ile-de-Ré

In order to find the best accommodation in place, you will need to look online, and here is a very good example of such specialized websites, one that suggests good holiday rentals in Bois-Plage : Myhomein-ile-de-ré. Many types of rentals are possible during a stay on the island of Ile-de-Ré. Discover the sumptuous residences of the 17th and 18th century in clear stone facades in the heart of some wonderful French gardens. You could also stay in private hotels, once private residences for renowned thinkers and writers of past centuries. Moreover, guestrooms abound on the island, usually lying between 50 and 200 meters from the beach, they offer private swimming pools and parking spots. If you're more of a holiday resort lover, accommodations situated between 1 (yes one) and 800 meters from the beach have swimming pools, restaurants and children clubs. With respect to holiday villas rentals, these types of accommodation offer capacities of 2 to 11 people, they can also have private pools and parking spots. Finally, for enthusiasts of life in apartments even when on holidays (budget considerations can play a part as well of course), you won’t be disappointed, you can easily find good holiday apartments since, just like villas, they’re located in the best spots of the island when it comes to their proximity to beaches and natural wonders…

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