Orchids, bromeliads and humming birds in the Atlantic Rainforest at Macae de Cima

bromeliads and humming birds

Distant only 2½ hs by car to the north east of Rio de Janeiro, embedded in the Atlantic coastal mountainsDavid Miller works out of his comfortable lodge and research station at 1200 m NN. There, he receives botanists and interested individuals alike, from all over the world, to show them the hidden secrets of one of the richest biodiversity of the planet. In his private Forest Reserve Dr. David Miller has so far identified about 300 species of 70 genera of orchids.

The lodge features 4 DBL and 2 SGL rooms plus 3 DBL in a nearby guesthouse, a sauna and a pool with running water from the mountains. The lodge is also a perfect place for visitors who just seek relax amidst the wonders of the tropical rainforest.

Itinerary - 1 day

Leaving the hotel around 7am. Arriving at the lodge around 9:30am. Coffee - break and introduction into the ecosystem of the Atlantic rainforest from which only 8% of its original mass remains. Setting out into the forest. Lunch on route (sandwiches and fresh fruits). Returning to the lodge for refreshments and discussions. Departure back to Rio will be around 7pm, arriving at the hotel around 9:30pm.

Itinerary - 2 days

Same as above. the 2nd day offers still more botanical discoveries in different parts of the property.

Itinerary - 3 days

Same as above. On the 3rd day, you will depart around 9am toPetrópolis, Brazils capital during the imperial colonial period. The highlight of the tour however, is the crossing of the majestic Organ Pipe Mountains, Serra dos Orgãos, Lunch at a typical Churrascaria Steakhouse During the city tour in Petrópolis some of the reminiscence of a past glory will be visited, before returning to Rio. Arrival at the hotel estimated for 6pm.

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