Pantanal Wildlife Safari

Pantanal Wildlife Safari

The tour starts with arrival at Campo Grande airport (CGR). From there transfer to a private airstrip and flight with a plane to one of our partner fazendas (ranches), which will serve as bases for the Pantanal Wildlife Safari.

The diversified landscape of savanna lowlands, seasonal wetlands and rich forest areas offer an intense array of wildlife. Most of the fazendas are agricultural farms, mainly breeding cattle, as there are also social projects, as the Pantanal boarding school, which is dedicated to the children of the ranch hands that are working on the far away fazendas, whose otherwise would not have any educational facility available.

During the stay wildlife observations and photography is organized on the vast properties of the fazendas. Four-wheel-driven vehicles, as well as horses, are being used for locomotion. An overnight stay in the wilderness (sleeping in hammocks and/or tents) is also part of the activities.

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