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villa in Ile-de-Ré

Only 3 km away from La Rochelle and being less than 5 hours away from Paris by car, Ile de Ré is certainly the holiday destination closest to the capital and yet located off the French coast bathing in the Atlantic Ocean. Nicknamed the white island, it reveals each one of its intimate secret to you. Rent a villa there and enjoy an unforgettable holiday stay.

A good stay in Ile-de-Ré

Ile-de-Ré is a piece of confetti bathing in the Atlantic Ocean. With an area of only 85km², it is easy to go around. Thus, it is always better to go for a bike as a means of transport within the island’s villages. A tour begins by a bridge that connects the island to the mainland, the longest bridge of France, and then you can start roaming the ten charming villages of Ré. Between each of these islands you will encounter successive green landscapes, beaches, old harbors and some typical Ile-de-Ré houses with white walls and green shutters, acting as one of the main reasons it’s nicknamed the White Ré. Inevitably, just like it’s the case for every holiday destination, spending a fun time in Ile-de-Ré can only be fulfilled by renting a great holiday accommodation, usually a holiday villa which is the type of accommodation that you’ll come across the most when looking for one. In order to hunt down the best accommodation you will have to look online, like in the following prototype, a website specialized in villa rentals in Les-portes-en-re :

Ile-de-Ré, from North to South

The Charente-Maritime has four islands. One of the most emblematic of these is certainly Ile-de- Ré, a small island where cycling is all that matters when it comes to means of transport. People come to discover a very special atmosphere in a mild and sunny climate. Connected to the mainland by a bridge, Ile de Ré starts with Rivedoux-Plage as the first village in the northern part of the island. All around, it's a bunch of wonders welcoming their guests from all around the world. From the Lighthouse of Chauveau through the La Redoute ancient fortifications and the Défend swamp, you’re in for surprising and spectacular spots wherever you go. Further south you can encounter another lighthouse, certainly the most famous one of the island: the whales’ lighthouse, a mythical place, where a few centuries ago, many cetaceans kept coming aground at its foot.

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