Culture travel in Germany


Whether you are looking for cultural or ultra modern cities, mountains, lakes, carnivals, Christmas markets or historical architecture, you will certainly enjoy the host of tourist attractions in Germany.

Places to Visit

To travel Germany is easy, by airplane and the many airports, by road on the autobahns or along one of the marked scenic routes.

There are plenty of hotels along the way, from roadside motels to luxury spa resorts, and Germany has great summer weather.

The north German coastline is a growing area in travel. Tourists are discovering the fine white sandy beaches and nature reserves. Theme parks and sports activities offer something to entertain all.

The many German cities offer a variety of places to visit and cultural events. Berlin is a typical mix of old and new. From the museum of ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ and the Berlin Wall to the world’s best Philharmonic orchestra concerts, Berlin is just one of the many tourist attractions in Germany which draw visitors from all over the world. On a more somber note, there are several museums and sites which tell the history of World War 2, including the Bergen-Belsen camp and Dachau.

Historic medieval towns such as Köln (Cologne), Munich and Bremen have breathtaking architecture in their Cathedrals, Rathauses (Town Halls) and civic buildings. After taking a walking tour around some of these old cobbled streets, take a seat and enjoy some of the local food and wine for which Germany is so famous.

Some of the most impressive tourist attractions would have to include the many castles and palaces which are among the best preserved and impressive in the world. They can be accessed easily from the Romantic Road, the Castle Road or the Fairy Tale routes.

Finally, the Black Forest and the Bavarian Alps offer some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, and are deservedly at the centre of German tourism.


Sample the local wines of the Moselle Valley along the wine route, or raise a stein of chilled beer brewed in Munich. German food is tasty and hearty and includes sausages, sauerkraut and pretzels. Desserts such as apfelstrudel and black forest gateau go down a treat too! No wonder German tourism is on the increase.

Festivals in Germany are legendary, including the Black Forest Fasnet carnival before Lent, and the summer Weinfestes along the wine route. The real Oktoberfest has to be experienced in Munich, and the winter season sees the Christmas markets in many of the town squares in the shadow of the old cathedrals. Shop for handmade gifts and take a drink of ‘gluvein’ or mulled wine to keep out the cold.

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