How to prepare the budget for a world tour?

How much will it cost me? How much should I put aside before I leave? What are the different expenses I should expect? These very practical questions tend to take us out of the dream (about to become reality) that is our world tour, but they are nevertheless essential for a successful world tour!

Round the world budget

This article does not list all the possible costs for each country to be visited, but rather offers a guide to the costs in different categories. You will also find examples of costs that may give you an idea of what to expect.

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Before you leave on your world tour

First, let's talk about pre-departure costs. Although some people only thrive on the adventure of a penniless trip, carried along by opportunities and encounters, others may prefer a good preparation and some financial security (my case since that famous experience in India). Being well prepared can therefore be the key to a successful world tour! There are several things to plan before the big departure and these things have a price. So, the savings you will make beforehand will have to take into account these costs that you will pay well before the date of departure.

Vaccinations for a world tour  

The price will vary according to the countries you visit, depending on how risky each geographical area is. An Infectious and Tropical Diseases department is present in the hospitals of each major city and will inform you of the various vaccinations to be carried out according to your itinerary. These are not reimbursed by Social Security and are at your expense.

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