Easy car rental during a holiday in the UK

car rental during

The UK has become one of the biggest holiday destinations in Europe. One problem tourists experience is renting cars for their holidays. In many places, the rentals are unaffordable or entirely unavailable. The problems curbing the traditional car hire industry are being solved by the new private car rental service. To register or hire a vehicle on this P2P car rental service, click here.

How Does P2P Car Rental Work?

With these services, you are able to rent a car from owner at any time and place. The companies have made an effort of having their cars in almost all parts of the country. To rent a vehicle, you simply need to log into your account and make a rental request to the owner of the car. The owner has the option of accepting or rejecting the offer. If they accept, you will proceed to make the payment online.

After that, you will have to input your personal details, including your name, age, and license number. If you have rented vehicles with the service before, you will only need to update the details that have changed.

On the day of the private car hire, you will simply go to your account and locate the vehicle. When you find it, you will take pictures of the vehicle and then unlock it using your phone. You will then take the keys from inside the car and indicate fuel levels.

Once you are done with the vehicle, you will return it with the same fuel level it originally had. You will then put the keys back in the car and lock it with your phone. At this point, you will have to take pictures of the car and report any damages. If you forget to lock the car with your phone, any problems that occur will be blamed on you.

Why Should You Use Private Car Rental in the UK?

Buying and maintaining a car in the UK is not cheap. To make matters worse, cars only depreciate in value, and that is another cost to car owners in the country. Drivy UK helps you avoid these costs by giving you the opportunity to rent other people’s vehicles. This way, you can live like you own a car, except for the fact that you will not have to cater for the costs of car ownership.

If you already own a vehicle, you can make some money out of it by registering it on ‘hire my car’ apps. That way, the car will not just be a drain on your finances, it will also be an investment. The car-sharing services are becoming more common in the UK, and more people are learning how the apps work. This means you can make a decent return on your investment. Owners of fleets of vehicles can also use the app to find new customers. They only need to make their cars available on the apps and interested parties will contact them with offers. Even people who don’t have any experience with car rentals can register their cars on the service since the app offers a simple and intuitive solution to launch your business.


Peer to peer car rental UK services have taken the country by storm. Drivy UK is a leader in this industry, and it is already getting a large following in the country. The app enables you to rent a vehicle straight from your phone. You will also unlock the car using your device, meaning you don’t need to meet the car owner at any point. Car renters, as well as owners, will appreciate the convenience offered by this service.

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