The contribution of Bashar Kiwan in the development of the Comoro Islands

Comoros Island Bashar Kiwan

Bashar Kiwan is a renowned publishing and media magnate who founded the popular Al Waseet International (AWI). He has also gained fame around the world for his concentrated efforts in bringing development projects to the islands. The Comoro Islands are located off the African continent and form an archipelago to the southwest of Seychelles. Over the past couple of years, the Comoros increased its tourism expenditure. It now hopes to become the next tourism hub to visitors looking for a tropical destination. 

His work in the islands has been to attract investment and stimulate development especially in infrastructure development, banking and telecommunications. He is also aiming at improving the state of tourism and travel sectors.

Public-Private Initiatives

One of the most notable initiatives in the recent past has been his establishment of a public-private initiative called Comoro Gulf Holding (CGH). The partnership aims to facilitate development through attracting directing investment from foreigners Bashar. Kiwan is also involved in the direct negotiations with investors interested in setting shop in the country, especially from Kuwait.

Great Commitment and Inspiration

In one of the meetings with the prospective investors, Bashar Kiwan was quoted as saying that investors were getting investment opportunities that were rare the world over. He added that they would also take pride in bringing a lot of development projects, as well as providing lots of jobs to the general population of the islands. On tourism, he once said that the leaders and the general citizenry of the country were eager to show the world the pristine and tranquillity that the archipelago has to offer. He added that part of what was making him achieve even more was the fact that he was getting lots of support from the government and other concerned parties in the country. Bashar also said that they had shown a great commitment to development, and their progress in that direction was truly inspiring.

Kiwan’s work has gone beyond the islands. In addition to AWI, the company that he founded, he has also established operations in more than 15 countries across North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. He has establishments in over 50 cities and employs more than 6,000 people in those initiatives.

Kiwan’s Background

Kiwan was born in Kuwait and raised partly in Syria. He then went to France where he completed his high school and a degree in Economics. In the course of his ventures, he was fascinated by the beauty of island and the vast untapped potential of the area. He became the first foreigner to invest in the Comoros after establishing CGH. Kiwan has opened the way for other investors to bring in hotels and open up banks, outdoor media stations and radio stations. Recently, he joined hands with other investors from Kuwaiti for projects in real estate.

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